The Big Canopy Campout – 2019 DATE TBA

The Big Canopy Campout is a global event, comprising of climbers, explorers, scientists, natural history film-makers and everyday people who love adventure, nature, climbing trees or just a good old reason to escape the everyday hussle. There will be a number of main events on different continents. From the great Bornean rainforests to the mighty Amazon jungle we will come together to celebrate and save these precious ecosystems.  Here at Dernwood we are inviting you to come along and join in a unique opportunity to sling a hammock, tarp or tree tent anywhere in our 70 acres of ancient woodland. Pitches are limited and we ask that you leave no trace (no fires – you’re welcome to have a camp fire in the camping field) – choose ‘canopy campout’ pitch.  All money raised will go to The World Land Trust.

What is this?

The Big Canopy Campout was born out of a deep love for the adventure and diversity that can be found throughout the worlds forests. With our years of experience working and visiting these magnificent places, we decided it’s time to come together and help support them in an exciting, adventurous way that everyone can join in with. We want to keep them safe for the diverse living organisms that dwell within them and allow us and future generations to enjoy their splendour.

As the sun sets over the New-Zealand and Australian forests on the evening of the *******  our first groups of climbers will bed-down in their tree-top hammocks. As the night spreads Eastwards Bornean climbers will be centre-stage, sharing their experiences in the tallest tropical trees on earth. Climbers all over the globe will then take the mantle as the sun dips over their canopy camps. The event will end as the rising sun illuminates the East Coast American and Canadian climbers camping in some of the world’s tallest and most spectacular trees.

Each individual troop around the world will share images, videos and experiences on social media and on The Big Canopy Campout website. We will follow each group through the night and dawn and learn about the life and environment of each unique forest. Groups camping in the lower levels of the forest or on the forest floor are equally important and will share their experiences in the same way.


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