Welcome to Breck Falconry

2016 again welcomes Breck Falconry to the farm with a range of experiences with Colin’s wonderful birds.

Hawk Walk: A walk through the wood accompanied by a Harris Hawk that can be called to your glove on command.
£30 per hour for up to 5 participants, children under 12: £10, spectators £10

Beginner’s Courses: An introduction to basic falconry training techniques with a range of different hawks and falcons.
One hour: £40, spectators £10
Two hours: £60, spectators £12
Half day: £80, spectators £15
Full- day: £120, spectators £20

Hawking Experiences:  Experience the flight of Redtailed Hawks and Harris Hawks in search of their wary prey.
Two hours: £60, spectators £12
Half-day: £80, spectators £15

Birthday Party: A flying display followed by the experience of calling hawks to the glove from the trees.
£80 per hour

Children under 12 need to be accompanied by a participating gaurdian. Children under 5 can spectate but not participate. Maximum 10 people per group

“Meeting hawks and falcons up close and learning about them and their requirements leaves a lasting impression, as we care more for the animals that we meet than those that we do not see. In this modern, technological world, understanding the needs and behaviours of our fellow creatures is important for their care and conservation, and in the process they give back to us a sense of our place in the natural world.”

To book a course please contact Colin Boardman at info@breckfalconry.com

Website: www.breckfalconry.com


Testimonials – Dernwood Farm

“The day exceeded our expectations and was both informative and practical. It was a thrilling experience to handle the different raptors! Colin was a superb guide and the Harris Hawk was a marvel to see hunting as if in its natural habitat”.
Martin Mcfall, Full-Day Experience

“It was a present for my husband who thoroughly enjoyed the experience with each of the birds. It was fantastic though for all of our family (including two young girls) to have an opportunity to fly Beaumont. Thank you.”
Natasha Hobbs, Half-Day Course

“Excellent, Thanks!”
Sarah Erhardt, Hawk Walk

Full-day Experience Course – Testimony

It was a bright, fresh, sunny day with a nip in the air, when Martin and Sarka arrived for their hawking experience at ten O’clock. After a brief introduction, we reviewed the different types of falconry equipment, and the reasons for their use, before introducing them to the birds. With the birds on their gloves we took a few photos and then proceeded to the flying field with Bramble, our kestrel, and Basil, our Peregrine falcon, while up above our heads we managed to see five(!) of the resident Common Buzzards soaring gently over the farm in the clear blue sky. After a short walk through the ancient woodland of Dernwood, we set up in the paddock as I proceeded to fly the two falcons to the lure.

First to go was Bramble who launched from Sarka’s glove and fluttered lightly on the breeze, hovering in expectation for the lure to come out before plunging  down and getting her reward.

Then it was time for Basil who after a slow start took to the air and poor Sarka and Martin started getting worried as he disappeared from sight! Catching the wind from the distant treetops, Basil slowly climbed to his pitch and as if by magic came over my head some fifty metres up and waited on for the lure. Then down he came slicing the air with a woosh as he stooped and turned and stooped again until he caught his prize and was justly paid. What a good boy!

By now it was it was back to the car for a hot drink and biscuits before phase two of the morning session was under way. After a brief explanation on the swivel system and the falconer’s knot our two intrepid would-be falconers practised biting their lips, first without a bird, and then with Bosworth, the Redtailed Hawk watching their every move! (Funny how one’s concentration sharpens!)

This led onto the method of training hawks to fly to the glove with Bosworth on the creance and both Martin and Sarka being shown how to call in a bird from its perch.

After lunch it was time to take out Beaumont who was let loose through the trees and followed on faithfully, much to Martin and Sarka’s surprise! With a couple of exciting flights to squirrels and rabbits we circumnavigated the hunting ground with our trusty companion, calling him to the glove on command. Then suddenly, from his high vantage point on an old oak tree, Beaumont dived with deadly intent… to pounce upon and finally catch…a vole!

As the kind sun kissed the tops of the trees, and the shadows began to stretch their weary limbs, the happy hunters finally returned to their cars, after yet another glorious day at Dernwood Farm.