‘Wild in the Woods’

Dernwood Children’s Woodland Club

We’re excited to be running some great Children’s woodland club groups this year with Laura  Warren.  Laura is a Forest School Practitioner with a kind and sensitive child led approach to learning. She provides a fun space for all to learn (including adults!) and develop together at their own pace. This gives young people the opportunity to build their self confidence and self reliance in a safe environment. Laura has a passion for nature and learning through exploration, observation and play. She also has particular skills with nature crafts, and healthy seasonal outdoor cooking. The sessions create a special time to spend with your family in the woods, to have fun, learn a new skill and to appreciate the wonders of nature. Or give the kids a unique experience to remember and time for them to be ‘wild in the woods’!

Clem Aged 7 “LOVED all of it, and especially enjoyed making nettle pancakes, she described the experience in her show and tell last week at school”

Suitable for family and children of all ages:

Mini Wild in the Woods    NEW!
This is great for family’s with little ones. Learn about some of the animals who live in the woods and go looking for them. Play hide and seek. Use natural materials to make a simple craft (felt bees, butterfly, pinecone bats or owls). Have fun in the mud kitchen.
1.5 hours                          Suitable 2- 4 and under                    £8 each adults free

Dragons, Fairies and Wizards          UPDATED!
In ancient times Dragons were known to have lived in woods like Dernwood, maybe they still do! Woodlands are magical places where fairies and wizards live. Make your own wands, mix up potions and weave magical spells to get closer to these mystical beings. Make your own dragon to take away from local clay. 
2 hours                          Suitable for families with 3+

Den making
Make a mini den for a small creature or a large one you can all fit in. Learn the skills to be able to make a safe and well built shelter. Go on a short walk to collect materials for the den. Play capture the flag and cook a tasty snack round the fire.
2.5 hours                     Suitable for families and 6+

Bushcraft basics
Have a go at lighting a fire without matches! Learn how to build a fire, and be safe around it, whittle a stick to cook your own campfire bread over the fire.
2.5 hours                  Suitable for families and 6+

Camouflage and Bows 
Make your own bow and arrow, use natural camouflage to hide from your friends.
2.5 hours                 Suitable for families and 6+   ••

Drawing in nature   NEW!
Sitting calmly drawing in nature encourages skills of observation and understanding, being quiet and still in the woods often means  you can notice more wildlife. Spend some time drawing a view or natural item you find interesting.  Make charcoal over the fire you can take home.
2.5 hours         Suitable for 5+ ••

Forest People    NEW!
When the woods were part of the ‘Forbidden Forest’ thousands of years ago people would survive using everything in the woods. They would be very ‘in tune’ with the forest to be able to hunt and survive. Learn some of their skills through games and activities. Make a special treasure pouch to take home.
2.5 hours                      Suitable for 6+  **

Sunday morning pack up session
Leave the kids while you pack up your tents. Play woodland games, have a go at making a natural craft and fire lighting, join us round the fire for a cup of nettle tea and a snack the children have cooked for you.

Types of activities they might do: – nature walk, make natural balms, clay pots, nature art, spinners, use of hand tools, saw wood disks, elder beads.
2 hours                         Suitable for 5+

Meet your spirit animal
Go on a walk to find evidence of animals, choose an animal you have a special connection with, what are their qualities? cut a disc of wood, draw or paint your animal or its track mark. Tell and listen to animal stories around the fire.
2 hours                        Suitable for families and 4+

Available dates:

Saturdays 10am – 12.30pm or 2pm – 4.30pm
Sundays 11am – 1pm

Other days may be possible throughout the school holidays.
From May – September

Groups are small and intimate with between 6 – 10 children.  Family groups can be slightly larger. All staff are DBS checked and have current first aid qualification.

All activities will have a fire (weather permitted) and a healthy snack cooked over the fire, we may also play games, sings songs or have a story round the fire.



£18 per child – accompanying adults free

Sibling discount:
Two siblings £30, three siblings £45 (£12 per additional sibling)

Children aged 2 – 5 need to be accompanied by an adult
Aged 6 + can be unaccompanied,  adults are welcome

Please click this link to book: https://goo.gl/forms/mSQ38MLFeeRQGIwg1

To contact Laura:   wildinthewoods88@gmail.com