Shop and Reception

In our shop we sell all our own meat (price list below) and free range eggs, plus a few essentials to see you through stay.  We stock tinned and dry goods (beans, tomatoes, pasta, rice etc) and a range of condiments, tea and coffee.  You can pre-order any of our meat and I will ensure it is ready for your arrival. ~We do not stock fresh veg/dairy goods.

resized cowWe have long life milk and baguettes in our freezer.  We have cold drinks in the fridge and ice creams in the freezer.

Our beef is bred from the traditional Sussex breed of cattle. They graze on lush pastures during the summer period, and are kept in large open barns in winter. They are fed on home grown hay & silage. resized cleoThe meat is hung for 21 days, which intensifies the flavour & taste.

Our pork is bred from traditional breeds such as the Saddleback , crossed with the Large White. This ensures lots of chops, succulent roasting joints and superb crackling.  Our bacon and sausages are always very poplular with campers.

southdown sheepOur herd of Southdown sheep have their  lambs  inside during March & April, and graze out with the flock in the fields throughout  the summer.



Award Winning

We have been voted one of the ‘Top Five Farm Shops’ by The Rough Guide to Camping….in their words we are ‘carnivore heaven!’

Shop & Reception Opening Hours

Normal Opening Hours (outside school holidays)
Friday: 1pm – 8pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Closed on Sundays unless by prior arrangement to collect meat.

Summer Holiday Opening Times
Monday to Thursday: 9 – 11am & 2-5pm
Friday: 9-11am & then  2pm to 8pm
Sat 9-5
Sunday 10-12

During the week outside of school holidays
By arrangement.

Camping Essentials Price List

Fillet x1 £5
Ribeye x1 £9
Sirloin x1 £7
Rump x1 £5
Minute x1 £4
100% Sussex beef burgers 4 pack £5.50
Traditional Sausages 6 pack £4.50
Pork Chops x2 £6.00
Lamb Chops x2 £4.00
Lamb leg steaks x1 £4.00
Streaky bacon 12 rashers £4.50
Back bacon 6 rashers £4.50
Free range eggs 6 £1.50

*Pack prices are approximate – all packs are labelled and priced by weight.

Direct Meat Sales

Our meat is available to buy in boxes of varying weights and size, and some individual joints.