Breakfast & Brunch Cafe

Bacon bap/sausage/veggie sausage £4.95
Scrambled eggs on toast, white or brown sourdough £6.50
Breakfast bap – bacon, sausage & egg £6.95
Beans on toast, white or brown sourdough £6.50
Spicy Shakshouka- Middle Eastern dish of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic sauce, spiced with cumin, paprika and chilli, topped with feta, served with Greek yoghurt and flat bread.



Crushed avocado & tomato on sourdough with poached egg, spinach & balsamic glaze £10.50

Breakfast burrito wrap filled with scrambled egg, peppers, onion, potato,and cheese, served with spinach and tomato

With 2 x bacon



Dernwood deluxe 2x rashers of bacon, 2 x sausages, hash brown, mushroom, tomato, beans, egg of your choice & toast £11.75
Veggie Dernwood deluxe 2 x veggie sausages, 2 x hash browns, mushrooms & spinach, tomato, beans, eggs of your choice & toast £11.75
American style pancakes with maple syrup &  jam or bacon £8.25
Toasted English muffin, with cream cheese scrambled egg, smoked salmon & spinach £9.75
Croissants x2 with butter and jam £4.75
Pain au chocolat x2 £4.75
Sourdough toast, brown or white with butter & jam/marmalade/marmite £3.50



Snacks & Drinks

Mug of tea (decaf available):                                      £2.00
Filter coffee (decaf available)                                     £2.00
Fully loaded hot chocolate                                         £4.50
Milkshakes: raspberry, chocolate or banana             £3.75
Fruit juice: apple or orange                                        £1.50
Cans of drink                                                               £1.70

Sausage roll                                                                 £3.50
Scotch egg                                                                   £4.00
Brie, tomato and caramelised red onion tart                £3.70
Vegan sausage roll                                                      £3.50
Flap Jack                                                                      £2.50
Rocky Road                                                                 £2.50
Granola bar                                                                 £2.50
Lemon drizzle cake                                                     £2.50

All the meat is from the farm, other produce is sourced as locally as possible.

Opening Times

Please note that opening times may be adjusted if we are very quiet, you will recieve an arrivals email with details a few days before your stay.

(outside school holidays)
Friday: 2pm – 7pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday 9.30 -12 (seasonal)

School Holiday Opening
Monday – Saturday  –  All Day
Sunday 9.30 -12

During the week outside  school holidays
By arrangement.



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